About Sydney Olympic FC

Sydney Olympic Football Club is one of Australia’s most popular and respected clubs. SOFC has a proud heritage: built on strong cultural foundations, rich in diversity and with a loyal and passionate supporter base. It’s our aim to move forward by celebrating our cultural heritage whilst embracing the opportunity for a successful future.

Many of our major achievements in the past have forged a path for a successful future. In 1957, the Pan-Hellenic Soccer Club was formed and enjoyed its first Grand Final appearance in 1968. Despite a 4-2 loss to Sydney City, it was a very encouraging achievement for such a young club.

A name change in 1977, from Pan-Hellenic to Sydney Olympic marked a turning point for the club as it became a foundation member of Australia’s inaugural national soccer league, the Phillips Soccer League.

A major milestone for Olympic was when defeated Marconi 2-0 in the Championship decider in 1990 in front of a record crowd of 26,353.

In 2018, it is our goal to embrace our cultural heritage and past achievements and work towards a strong future.